Building Inspections

Building Inspections

Inspection Process

A Town Building Inspector will visit your site within approximately 2 business days of receiving your request for an inspection.

To arrange an inspection, call 519-599-3131 ext 239 or email us at:

Please provide:

  • the building permit number
  • project site location
  • date required
  • timeframe preferred (either Morning-between 8:30 and 12 noon, or Afternoon-between 1:00 and 4:30 pm). 

Notification of at least 2 business days in advance of applicable stage of construction is required - please review the notice (Building Inspections - Service Delivery Notice) available as a download on this page for more information. 

If reinspection is required, there may be a $150.00 fee.

Note re Plumbing Rough-In Inspections:  Effective April 1, 2009, Building Services will require water meters and approved remote meter reading devices to be installed and operational prior to requesting a plumbing rough-in inspection.  To arrange a water meter inspection, please contact us at 519-599-3131 Ext 223 or via email to

When conducting their mandatory inspections, building inspectors must be able to see that part of work under inspection. Any building elements covered before the related mandatory inspection has been made will have to be uncovered for inspection and passed before the completion of your project

Mandatory Inspections

A Building Inspector will be requried to review your project in several stages during construction. These stages are listed as requried inspections on the reviewed permit drawings issued with your building permit. The following inspection stages may apply to your project:

Excavation: Prior to pouring concrete. All formwork and re-bar (as applicable) to be in place.

Foundation/Slab Reinforcement: Prior to pouring concrete.

  • Re-bar placement for ICF
  • Required reinforcement for foundation walls
  • Re-bar in suspended "cold room" slabs

Foundation/Backfill: Prior to backfilling. Foundation to be completed; dampproofing/waterproofing complete; drainage layer complete and weeping tile with proper stone coverage complete.

Water & Sanitary Sewer Drainage Pipe: Prior to backfilling.

  • Water service pipes complete and under test at min. 50 psi
  • Sanitary sewer pipe complete and under test with 5psi air or filled with water. A ball test may be requested by the Building Inspector.

On-Site Sewage (Septic System): Prior to backfilling. Substantial completion of distribution pipes & septic tank. A copy of the soil analysis or imported material must be provided to the Building Inspector at this time.

In-Floor Plumbing: Prior to pouring concrete. Plumbing roughed-in, capped and under test:

  1.  Air test at 5psi; or
  2. Water test with a minimum 10'-0" of pressure head

Masonry/Factory Built Wood Burning Fireplace: Prior ro covering. Fireplace, fire stops and chimney flue installed. Manufacturer specifications shall be on site. NOTE: WETT certification shall be provided for all wood burning appliances.

Above Ground Plumbing: All drains, wastes and vents complete and under test

  1. Air test at 5psi; or
  2. Water test with a minimum 10'-0' of pressure head

Water Distribution System (within Building): Water pipes complete and under a minimum 102psi ar test

Framing: Framing to be complete. Request inspection after installation of roof/shingles, windows, plumbing, HVAC and electrical

Air Barrier System: An approved air barrier system shall be continous and completely sealed throughout the entire building envelope. Generally completed during the framing and/or insulation inspection.

HVAC: General overview - following completion of framing.

Fire Separations: If applicable, completion of all required fire stopping of penetrations and party walls complete.

Insulation and Vapour Barrier: Prior to installtion of finishes and drywall. All framing deficiencies noted must be completed.

Occupancy: All requried items for occupancy completed. No occupancy permitted until Occupancy Permit issued.

Final: All exterior grading completed and certification received; all building code items at time of occupancy completed.


Ontario Building Code Enforcement

Every municipality in Ontario is given the responsibility for the enforcement of the Building Code Act and the Code. This requires us to appoint a Chief Building Official and inspectors to issue permits and perform inspections.

If there are problems identified during inspections, our primary goal is to work with the permit holder to achieve voluntary compliance within a stated timeline. 

Occupancy Requirements

Commencing on January 1, 2012 residential houses* must meet additional completion requirements before occupancy of a house can be permitted.  These new requirements found in Article of Division C of the Ontario Building Code will culminate in the issuance of an Occupancy Permit.  Please read more and see the summary of requirements by clicking on the PDF document "New Occupancy Requirements as of January 2012" under Downloads on this page. 

*Note:  Houses are residential dwelling units in a detached, semi-detached or townhouse form where no unit is above another unit, each unit has its own exit facility and has no accommodation for tourists.

For more information, please contact Building Services:

1-888-258-6867 or 519-599-3131 Ext 239, or via email or  


Building Permit and Inspection Inquiries

Building Permit/Inspection Inquiries
519-599-3131 x239


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