Building Services

The Building Services division of the Planning and Development Services Department provides the following services to residents and community partners:

Code of Conduct

Under the Ontario Building Code, the Town is required to have and abide by a code of conduct. For a copy of our Code of Conduct, please visit the Downloads section on the right-hand side of this page.

Building Fees & Charges

Please click on "Building Permits" in the selection menu above  - under Downloads on the right hand side of the Building Permits page is a copy of the current Building By-Law covering the issuance of permits and related matters.  Schedule A covers classes of permits, payments and fees.

Methods of Payment:  Cheque, Debit, Cash or we can now accept credit card payments by Visa or MasterCard up to $2000 per transaction.  (Credit card information must be phoned in to Building Services at 519-599-3131 Ext. 239 or Ext. 249.)

Town Development Charges

For more information on Town Development Charges, please visit our Financial and Information Services page at

County Development Charges

For more information on County Development Charges, please review the current County of Grey Development Charges Information brochure, available in the Downloads section on the right-hand side of this page, or visit

Mandatory WSIB Coverage in the Construction Industry

If you work in construction, the rules for mandatory WSIB coverage have changed.  Do you run your own construction business? Big or small, with workers or without, you still need to know what's changed. Find out what it means for you.