By-law Services

By-law Services

Municipal Law Enforcement is provided by the Planning and Development Services Department. Our goal is to serve, protect and provide a desired quality of life for residents and visitors of The Blue Mountains. We are committed to raising awareness of community standards, and enforcing the Town's by-laws using a timely, professional and unbiased approach.

By-law Enforcement: General Statement

The general policy of the Town of The Blue Mountains regarding enforcement of Town By-Laws is as follows:

  1. Each member of our community has the right to live in a safe, peaceful, and attractive community.
  2. Rational people can have different opinions regarding the definition of community safety, peacefulness, and attractiveness.
  3. That the by-law enforcement of noise, property standards and land use by-laws is a major element in ensuring community safety, peacefulness, and attractiveness.
  4. That the maintenance of the our community has an economic value, as well as the obvious values of having members of our community feel safe and satisfied with their surroundings.
  5. That the By-Law Services Division of the Planning & Building Services Department (“By-Law Enforcement”) has a responsibility to attempt to balance the public good and the rights of individuals when utilizing various approaches to the enforcement of various Town by-laws.
  6. That the goal of By-Law Enforcement,  in supporting community safety, standards, peacefulness, and attractiveness, is to achieve compliance with all applicable by-laws and regulations
  7. That through the enactment of by-laws, Town Council has set specific policies on a number of by-law related issues; it is the responsibility of Town Council to support the enforcement of these by-laws or to attempt to change them.
  8. The Town of The Blue Mountains Council supports the Chief Administrative Officer in their role of determining specific enforcement protocols for implementing Town Council policies on By-Law Enforcement as established in Town by-laws and in this policy statement.
  9. Our intent is to enforce the by-laws equitably and to apply the level of enforcement that best fits the type and circumstances of the by-law violation in order to achieve compliance with the by-law(s).
  10. Every by-law violation is unique and the method of dealing with a by-law complaint should reflect what is necessary in order to resolve it rather than to be unnecessarily punitive. Property owners should always have the opportunity of using the least expensive option.

Please refer to the Service Level Matrix document in the downloads section of this page.


By-Law Service

By-Law Service
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STA Licences
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