Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the location of a deceased family member at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery?

Please contact the Town at 519-599-3131 Ext. 288 or email cemetery@thebluemountains.ca with your enquiry. Please have the following information available:  the date of death and the family member's full name.

What type of memorial marker can I use at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery?

1.        The owner may on receipt of the Rights Certificate, at his/her own expense have bronze, stone or concrete land marks 15.24 cm (6 inches) square and not less than 15.24 cm (6 inches) deep, dressed on all sides and bearing suitable identification permanently marked therein, placed at the corners of the lot or lots conveyed to him/her, such posts to be planted flush with the ground.
2.        Markers will be accepted for installation during regular working hours.  If weather and ground conditions permit, installations will be made within 30 days after acceptance.  Markers will not be accepted from any monument dealer for storage during the winter months.
3.        Markers or footstones of bronze, marble or granite are permitted with size and quantity restrictions according to the section of the cemetery and the regulations deemed necessary as per the size of lot in that section.  Its placement must not interfere with future interments.
Single lot maximum               35.56 cm x 60.96 cm           14” x 24”
Double lot maximum             35.56 cm x 76.20 cm           14” x 30”
Cremation lot maximum        35.56 cm x 60.96 cm           14’ x 24”
4.        Each single lot may be marked on the ground with a flat marker only.
5.        One marker may be placed at each grave in addition to the monument.  The marker shall be placed closest to the monument and shall not exceed 40.64 cm x 60.96 cm (16” x 24”).
6.        Any flat marker that exceeds the standard width of 30.48 cm (12 inches) may only be installed after a full interment has taken place.
7.        The minimum thickness for all flat markers including footstones is 10 cm (4 inches).
8.        All markers and monuments shall be constructed of bronze, granite or marble.  The bottom bed of all bases and markers shall be cut level and true.


What type and size of monument can I use at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery?

1.        For the purpose of the regulations, a monument shall be understood to mean any permanent memorial projecting above ground level.
2.        Minor scraping of the base portion of monuments due to turf mowing operations is considered by the Town as normal wear.
3.        The Town will take reasonable precautions to protect the property of Interment Rights Holders, but assumes no liability for the loss of, damage to, any monument, or part thereof except where such damage or loss is due to negligence by the Town.
4.        The Town reserves the right to determine the maximum size of monuments, their number and their location on each lot or plot.  Monuments must not be of a size that would interfere with any future interments.
5.        A double lot is permitted one upright monument and 2 corner posts.
6.        No monument other than a flat marker may be erected on a single grave and only one flat marker may be erected thereon.
7.        The maximum size of flat marker on a single lot is:
Width 60.96 cm (24 inches)
Base (maximum) 35.56 cm (14 inches)
Die (minimum) 15.24 cm (6 inches).
8.        The maximum size monument allowed on a double lot is:
Height 1.23 metres (4 feet)
Width 1.07 metres (3 feet, 6 inches)
Base (maximum) 35.56 cm (14 inches)
Die (minimum) 15.24 cm (6 inches)
Die (maximum) 25.40 cm (10 inches)
9.        The minimum thickness of a die should be 15.24 cm (6 inches).  Should the monument exceed 0.91 cm (3 feet) overall height, the die must be 20.32 cm (8 inches).
10.     The die stones must be installed on a granite base.  The height of the base shall be a minimum of 20.32 cm (8 inches).  The top surface of the base must be both wider and longer than the die in order to provide a minimum border of 7.62 cm (3 inches) of the surface of the base exposed on all sides.  Bottoms of the base shall be smooth sawn.
11.     Unless adjoining plots are owned, both sides of the stone cannot be used.  Monuments cannot be placed “back-to-back” against another.
12.     Monuments must be placed at the centre of the head end of the lot where alignment with existing nearby monuments justifies another location.  Approval of the location must be obtained from the Superintendent before a monument is set.
13.     No inscription shall be placed on any monument which is not in keeping with the dignity and decorum of the cemetery.
14.     All photographs attached to any memorials or placed within the cemetery shall be the sole responsibility of the owner.
15.     All foundations for monuments and markers shall be built by, or contracted to be built for, the Town at the expense of the Interment Rights Holder.
16.     The charges for the construction of foundation are set forth in the tariff of rates.
17.     No foundations may be constructed after November 15 in any year or before April 1 in the following year.
18.     The foundation shall be built in the designated space and in proper dimensions of the monument base.  If incorrect dimensions have been given on the applicant form, signed by the Interment Rights Holder and/or the supplier, the foundation must be immediately removed and rebuilt by the cemetery, at the expense of the Interment Rights Holder.  Foundations will not be less than 1.23 metres (4 feet) deep and they will set at the Superintendent’s direction.
1.        The required concrete mix for foundations will be
20.5 MPA
75 mm slump
20 mm aggregate
5% +/- 1% Air Entraining agent
Trowel finish all edges
Reinforcing bars shall be included at the direction of the Superintendent.
2.        The surface area shall be flush with the surrounding ground level and shall provide a level surface free of defects.
3.        A foundation must be cured for a minimum of 24 hours before placing the monument.
19.    No concrete shall be placed until a representative of the cemetery has approved the grades and all loose material is removed from the grade.  The placing shall commence at the low point in the grade and the concrete shall be thoroughly consolidated to eliminate all air pockets and honeycombs.  No concrete shall be placed to overlap concrete that is partially set.
20.    Defective areas must be repaired to the approval of the cemetery management.  The finished concrete shall be protected from wind, rain or sun during curing, by covering it completely with a piece of plywood having a minimum thickness of 1.27 cm (1/2 inch).  All rubbish and excavated material shall be removed from the excavation site to a place designated by the Superintendent.


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Cemetery Inquiries

Cemetery Inquiries
519-599-3131 x254

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the location of a deceased family member at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery? »»

What type of memorial marker can I use at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery? »»

What type and size of monument can I use at the Thornbury Clarksburg Union Cemetery? »»


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