Craigleith Area & Hwy 26 Environmental Assessment


The Town of The Blue Mountains, in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and County of Grey ("road authorities"), has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) to consider potential transportation issues and solutions relating to the development in the area of Highway 26 between Grey road 19 and Grey road 21.  Alternative Solutions will be developed to consider improvements to the transportation network that meet projected increases in transportation demands (pedestrian, cyclist, vehicle) and address traffic congestion and safety concerns in the area.

Included in this study are possible improvements, enhancements or closures of existing intersections at Highway 26 and Grey Road 21/Long Point Road, Lakeshore Road East/Fraser Crescent, Brophy's Lane, Hope Street, Blue Mountain Drive and Timmons Street.  Redirection of existing local streets to facilitate consolidation of intersections will be considered.  Other considerations include connections to proposed developments, the alignment of the Georgian Trail and pedestrian traffic crossing Highway 26.

Study Area 

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Map of Study Area

Public Meeting Dates:

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Public Comments

At this time, the road authorities are interested in receiving comments on local experience with transportation issues in the Craigleith study area and possible solutions.  Comments can be submitted to or submit by mail or by fax your completed sheet to the contact below:

Ms. Deanna De Forest

EA Coordinator

R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.

128 Wellington Street West, Suite 301

Barrie, Ontario, L4N 1K9

Telephone: (705) 797-4357

Fax: (705) 797-2037


To request more information please contact either of the following Project Team members:

Mr. Ron Kerr

Project Manager

R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.

3 Ronell Crescent

Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 4J6

Telephone: (705) 797-4293

Fax: (705) 446-2399


Mr. Reg Russwurm

Director of Infrastructure and Public works

Town of The Blue Mountains

32 Mill Street, P.O. Box 310

Thornbury, Ontario N0H 2P0

Telephone: (519) 599-3131 ext. 260

Fax: (519) 599-7723



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