Fire Prevention

The Blue Mountains Fire Services is responsible for providing fire prevention education and ensuring compliance with the Ontario Fire Code. For more information on Fire Code compliance please contact the Chief Fire Prevention Officer listed on the right-hand-side of the page.


Sparky's Spot

Sparky Says: Change your Clocks - Change your Smoke alarm battery's!

Its That time of Year again; Spring ahead on March 11th. Change your smoke alarm battery's in your hard wired battery backed up units and your battery only units. Also when did you last change your Carbon Monoxide alarm battery's? You or your family's lives may depend on those devices so make sure they have fresh battery's.

Sparky's Spot

Sparky Says:Workings Smoke & CO Alarms Save Lives!

Working smoke and CO alarms are your first line of defence against a fire or smoke condition in your home. Maintaining your smoke alarms means you may vacuum the device , change the batteries and check the expiry date. Most smoke & CO alarms only have a 5-10 year life and then need replacement. Questions or assistance can be addressed to the Fire Prevention Staff. Stay Safe!