Notice to Website Visitors Between Sunday, February 10th between 6 am and 10:20 am.

A security breach occurred on the Browsealoud service which is used to provide accessible services to our website visitors. We are passing on information from TextHelp so our web visitors know what happened and why Browsealoud is not active at this time. If you visited our website during this time, please be assured that no data on the Town's system, or your own computer, was compromised, and there are no lasting effects from the breach. The attacker added malicious code to the Browsealoud file to use the browser CPU to attempt to illegally generate cryptocurrency. Browsealoud has been removed from the website until Thursday at 7 pm when a more secure version will be available. We remind everyone of the importance of having anti-virus software on your home and business computers.

I am sorry to have to report that on Sunday TextHelp, who provides our Browsealoud service experienced a security breach.  

Phase One of the company’s internal technical investigation is complete, however, the criminal investigation continues and Texthelp is working with the UK National Crime Agency and The National Cyber Security Centre to pursue the investigation further.

Here’s what we know about the compromise:

At 11:14 am on Sunday 11th February 2018 a JavaScript file which is part of the Browsealoud product was compromised during a cyber attack.   The attacker added malicious code to the file to use the browser CPU to attempt to illegally generate cryptocurrency.  Texthelp has automated security tests in place for Browsealoud, and these detected the modified file and as a result the service was taken offline.  Browsealoud has been removed from the Town's website.

No customer data has been accessed or lost.  They have examined the affected file thoroughly and confirm that it does not redirect any data, it uses the computers CPUs to attempt to generate cryptocurrency.

The security breach has already been addressed, however Browsealoud will remain offline until Thursday 12:00 GMT (7:00 pm EST).  Texthelp made this decision in order to put in place a more secure means of implementing Browsealoud on our website.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please first check this FAQ or email them at or contact the Account Manager David Herr at 888-248-0652, Ext 4270 or

Texthelp has apologized for the delay in communicating this to the Town and for any inconvenience caused during this opportunistic cyber attack.  They regret this further delay to resumption of the Browsealoud service.

from Martin McKay, Chief Technical Officer & Data Security Officer, Texthelp


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