Be Aware of Raccoons and Canine Distemper


Over the past several months, The Blue Mountains Animal Control and the Ontario Provincial Police have received a number of calls with respect to raccoons and skunks acting in an unusual manner.
The animals have displayed behaviour such as walking around in circles, sunning themselves on decks, a lethargic appearance, etc. These are nocturnal animals and this behaviour indicates an infected animal.

In late 2012 and in January 2013 raccoon specimens from our municipality were sent out for testing. The results came back positive for the canine distemper virus and were negative for the rabies virus.
If you see wildlife acting strangely, treat them with caution. DO NOT attempt to touch them or come into contact with them; as well keep your canine companions away from wildlife.

Any areas that have been in contact with an infected animal should be cleaned with bleach.

Also, ensure that your pet's full vaccinations are up to date.

Ontario Provincial Police should be called if you see such an animal, 310-1122. Police attend as well as Animal Control.

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