Planning Services

Planning Services

The Planning Division of the Building and Development Services Department is primarily responsible for policy planning and development review within The Blue Mountains.

The Town's Official Plan Policy and Zoning By-Law, development application review process and the Committee of Adjustment are also under the auspices of the Planning Division, all striving to balance the natural, social and built environments, providing for the present while protecting the future.

Our planning services include:

  • policy planning;
  • administering and reviewing development applications such as:
    • Subdivisions and Condominiums
    • Land Severances (consents)
    • Site Plans
  • assessing and recommending appropriate Land Use changes in accordance with our Official Plan and Zoning By-law; 
  • considering requests for Minor Variances;
  • reviewing Niagara Escarpment Development permits; and
  • regulating land use (zoning compliance).

Planning Fees

There are fees associated with some of the services provided by the Planning Services Department.  Services such as requests for variance and rezoning, among others, have fees associated with them.  For a full listing of the fees, please download the Planning Fee Schedule located on the right-hand-side of the page.

Public Notices

All public notices for meetings and open houses can be found on the Municipal Calendar.