Property Standards

Property Standards

Our Property Standards By-law sets standards for maintenance and occupancy applying to property within The Blue Mountains.

All property owners are required to repair and maintain their property according to this by-law.

Please note that our Property Standards By-law does not include standards within a dwelling or unit and persons should contact the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing for more information or to register a complaint under the Residential Tenancies Act. Their website is found at or click the link on the right-hand side of this page.

When a complaint is received, one of our By-law Enforcement Officers will investigate to determine if a violation exists. If a violation is found, the officer will advise the owner of the violation and set a timeline for the violation to be remedied.

If you are a tenant that has concerns regarding ill-maintenance of your home or apartment building, first advise the landlord of your concerns in writing. This gives the landlord an opportunity to address the issue. If these concerns are not adequately addressed, register a complaint with our Service Department.

The entire Property Standards By-law may be viewed here.

The Property Standards Key Map and Policy document POL.BL.15.04 covering Abandoned Buildings are available for viewing in the Downloads section on the right-hand side of this page


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