STA Licensing

The accommodation of recreational visitors is critical to the economy of the Town and to employment in the many recreational businesses and activities located here. STA's including the rental of private houses, chalets and condominium units is important to and encourages visitors.  This is critical to our success offering an important alternative to more traditional tourism accommodation such as hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and Commercial Resort Units.

The Town of The Blue Mountains Short Term Accommodation (STA) Licensing By-law (By-law No. 2013-50) came into effect July 2, 2014 and provides for a system of licensing of STA premises (premises rented on a basis of 30 consecutive days or less - please see the definition in the Licensing By-law).

The intent of the By-law is to balance the needs of property owners with those of residents looking for safe, adequate and properly maintained STA premises.

Under the STA Licensing Program, property owners must apply for and obtain a licence, and renew it bi-annually.  The licence may be suspended or revoked by the Town should the property owner not comply with the provisions of the By-law.  If the STA premises is sold, the new owner must apply for a new licence, which includes providing all necessary documentation and having the necessary inspections completed.

The STA Licensing requirement has been very effective in meeting the objectives of the STA Licensing By-law, including but not limited to:                                                                            

To the right are various documents, including the STA Licensing By-law and the STA Licensing Guide, to assist you in understanding the Program and to apply for and obtain a licence.