STA Licensing By-law Interpretations

STA Licensing By-law Interpretations

The following are interpretations of the STA Licensing By-law to provide a uniform and

POL.STAL.14.02 STA Premises: Definition of a Bedroom

To provide a uniform interpretation as to the intended use of a room for sleeping purposes bedroom or sleeping area) when applying provisions of the STA Licensing By-law and to  clarify expectations for members of the public.

POL.STAL.14.03 STA Licensed Premises: Noise By-law Infractions

To provide consistent interpretation and administration by Staff when assessing Administrative Penalties and Demerit Points under the STA Licensing By-law 2013-50 and for clarifying expectations members of the public.

POL.STAL.16.07 Manager Designate

To provide clarification for the designate of the Manger as defined in the STA Licensing By-law No, 2013-50. 









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