STA Licensing By-law Interpretations

STA Licensing By-law Interpretations

The following are interpretations of the STA Licensing By-law to provide a uniform and consistent application of the requriements of the STA Licensing By-law:

POL.STAL.14.01 STA Licence Applications: Confirming Legal Non-Conforming Status

To clarify the requirements for accepting evidence by the Manager or Municipal Licensing Officer that the use of a STA premises is protected by virtue of s. 34(9) of the Planning Act and so as to provide consistent interpretation by Staff and to clarify requirements of same to members of the public with respect to STA licence applications.

POL.STAL.14.02 STA Premises: Definition of a Bedroom

To provide a uniform interpretation as to the intended use of a room for sleeping purposes bedroom or sleeping area) when applying provisions of the STA Licensing By-law and to  clarify expectations for members of the public.

POL.STAL.14.03 STA Licensed Premises: Noise By-law Infractions

To provide consistent interpretation and administration by Staff when assessing Administrative Penalties and Demerit Points under the STA Licensing By-law 2013-50 and for clarifying expectations members of the public.

POL.STAL.16.07 Manager Designate

To provide clarification for the designate of the Manger as defined in the STA Licensing By-law No, 2013-50. 

POL.STAL.16.09 Parking Management Plan

To clarify the requirements of Parking Management Plans for a licensed STA premises and to provide consistent interpretation and administration by Staff.








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