Enviro Susty Fund


The Blue Mountains Sustainability Fund was created with the goal to advance sustainability in the Town. Funds are awarded to improve the Town’s environmental performance, foster sustainability literacy and community engagement, advance climate change adaption and mitigation, and demonstrate the viability of sustainability technologies.

Proposed projects must support the goals and objectives outlined in The Sustainable Path and must be consistent with the major planning documents of the Town including the Strategic Plan. The fund accepts small or large project proposals from charity and non-profit groups from or doing work in the Town. Approximately $5,000 will be available for each application intake to be allocated amongst successful proposals, and there will be one intake each year. 

Submission Due Date 2017: November 30

Application Forms and Terms of Reference located on the side bar of this page.

Contact: managersolidwaste@thebluemountains.ca or (519) 599-3131 x238