Zoning Regulations

Zoning Regulations

The drawings you submit as part of your building permit application will be reviewed by our qualified Staff to ensure compliance with the Town's Zoning By-law and Zoning requirements.  Our  staff will ensure that your building meets specified uses within a particular area, building setbacks, building heights and lot coverage, for example. 

Zoning Information Requests

Upon request, our Staff will provide the public with assistance in determining zoning requirements for specific properties. This may help to determine any outstanding work orders, by-law complaints, planning, zoning, and/or building regulations that apply to the parcel and to your proposed project. Note that staff cannot provide verbal comments with respect to Zoning By-law compliance or conduct an in-depth review of a walk-in request.  Any and all assistance or information provided by staff is solely for convenience.  By completing and submitting a Request for Information Form prior to designing your project, you can avoid mistakes early in the process and save time.  Please download a copy of the Request for Information Form from the right-hand-side of this page in order to obtain a written general or agreement information report as indicated.  Also, please refer to our Zoning By-Law Information Policy.

If you wish to access the office consolidation of the Town of Thornbury Zoning By-Law number 10-77, you can access it here.


Building Permit and Inspection Inquiries

Building Permit/Inspection Inquiries
519-599-3131 x239


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