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Clarksburg Master Plan Environmental Assessment

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The Town of The Blue Mountains is conducting a Master Plan Class Environmental Assessment to investigate opportunities to improve the water and wastewater services to all properties in the Clarksburg Service Area.

Public and agency consultation is a key element of the process, and input will be sought throughout the study to identify options to address the study findings. Based on this input, alternative strategies will be evaluated to identify optimal community, environmental and economic opportunities.

Why Now?

To assess the quality and quantity of drinking water, and the adequacy of the wastewater treatment in the community. 

Community Liaison Committee

The Community Liaison Committee (Committee) serves as a sounding board for the project team to ensure that all publically issued material is appropriate and the local context is taken into account. The Committee also serves as another point of contact for concerned community members who may not be comfortable speaking to the project team.

The following is a list of Committee members and their contact information:

Debora Crosskill,
Fiona Orr,
Harold McDonald, 519-599-2027
Lucy Richmond,
Mark Andersen,
Tim Barrett,
Fred Young,

Project Updates

There are no immediate plans to start the project due to funding and technical considerations.

Public Meetings & Information Centres

Additional Documentation