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Hidden Lake Road Environmental Assessment

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The Town is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to assess alternatives for the road system and the provision of water and wastewater servicing in the area of Hidden Lake Road and the Alta development lands and along Highway 26.

Options will be assessed for extending the water distribution system to Phase 2 of the Alta development and to improve the existing water distribution system to provide adequate fire protection to existing homes in the area of Hidden Lake Road and the Alta subdivision. This Study will also update the previous Class EA (2005) assessment of sanitary servicing concepts for the Alta Phase 2 subdivision, and existing homes along Highway 26 from Delphi Point to just west of Fraser Crescent.

Why Now?

Before construction on Phase 2 of the Alta Subdivision begins, the Town is evaluating opportunities to provide needed improvements to Hidden Lake Road and evaluate options for the establishment of a future road.

Project Updates

A Public Information Centre is anticipated for Q1 of 2022. Details will be announced once they have been approved by Committee of the Whole and Town Council.

Public Meetings & Information Centres

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