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Landfill and Recycling Depot Redesign

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The Town of The Blue Mountains is proactively planning a redesign of the Town’s Landfill and Recycling Depot on Grey Road 13. Current facilities include a double-bay Operations building, scale and scale house, retaining walls and waste bin area, asphalt pad for compost operations and a household hazardous waste depot area. 

In 2020 the site served more than 20,000 users during 132 operational days. Site use continues to increase, and the new design will consider improvements to:

  • Public and commercial waste receiving area(s)
  • Scale and scale house configuration
  • Composting area, and associated curing and staging areas
  • Accommodations for heavy equipment needs
  • Lane and Operations Building

Appropriate solutions for drainage and stormwater management, lighting, integration of buffering and habitat restoration, landscaping, utilities, access control, public safety and more will all be included in the final design. Preliminary design concepts will be presented to Town Council for review and approval prior to construction.

Public feedback can be shared with the Manager of Sustainability and Solid Waste Operations.

Why Now?

The work is being completed to accommodate for anticipated growth of the community and increased use of the facilities. 

Project Updates

A Public Information Centre is estimated to be held in Q1 2022 after the initial design is presented to Town Council.

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