Town Landfill

Landfill Leachate Pump Station and Forcemain

Status Update

Following the termination of the Municipal Greenhouse Gas Challenge Fund, this project has been paused by Town Council pending another source of funding.

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In 2017 the Town completed an Environmental Assessment to select a long term management option for leachate (wastewater) generated at the Town Landfill and Recycling Depot (specifically the lined landfill cell). The preferred option as a result of that EA process was installation of a forcemain to the Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A number of routes were reviewed in the EA for the forcemain. The onset of this project reviewed the routes in more detail related to construction cost and operational functionality. A 5 kilometre route was selected that proposes to place the forcemain through lands directly north of the Disposal Site, east along Grey Road 40, north along Grey Road 2, west along Clark Street and north on Hoffmann Street into the Thornbury Plant.

Design of the forcemain will be completed in 2018 and construction is planned for 2019. The forcemain will be a more efficient method of conveying leachate to a location for treatment. Currently, leachate is truck hauled to the Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant. The forcemain project will reduce greenhouse gas production and eliminate the potential for 700 truck trips annually.

Why Now?

To implement a more efficient and environmentally-friendly method of transporting leachate out of the Town's Solid Waste Disposal Site.

Project Updates