Map showing the subject lands of the Cottages at Lora Bay

The Cottages at Lora Bay

Project Information
Application Type(s)
Plan of Condominium
Town file #
P2482 and P673
County file #
Part of Lot 39, Concession 12, Part of Lots 1 and 3, Plan 1032

Current Status


Total Residential Units
Project location
Lora Bay

Plan of Condominium 42-CDM-2006-11 (Keepers Cove) and now known as The Cottages at Lora Bay was draft approved in October 2006. The zoning for the Plan of Condominium community was approved as Zoning By-law No. 2006-96 on September 6, 2006. Since then, a number of revisions and draft plan extensions have been granted, and some phases of the Condominium are already registered and built. Phases 3 and 4 of the draft approved Condominium are located on lands legally described as Part of Lot 39, Concession 12, Part of Lots 1 and 3, Registrats Compiled Plan 1032 (geographic Township of Collingwood) in the Town of The Blue Mountains. The 2006 draft approved Plan consisted of 212 residential units. The Plan would be revised in 2017 with the redesign of Phases 3 and 4, reducing the total unit count to 194 residential units. When the 2017 application was initially submitted, the applicant was also considering the future removal of a recreational facility for dwelling units, however, this recreational facility piece of the rezoning proposal was later removed from the application, so the resultant and amended unit total is 194 units. The subject lands are located north of Highway 26, in the western end of the Town of The Blue Mountains and south of the intersection of 39th Sideroad and Sunset Boulevard.. This proposed development is part of the Lora Bay development, and this particular section was formerly known as Keepers Cove.

The County of Grey last approved the Redline Revisions for the Plan of Condominium on August 24th, 2017. 

At the October 4th, 2021 Council meeting Council voted not to receive Staff Report PDS.21.128 titled “Cottages at Lora Bay Extension of Draft Approval – Addendum”.  The purpose of that report was to provide recommendations to Council on an application for an extension of Draft Plan Approval for the Cottages at Lora Bay project including additional Conditions of Draft Approval.  This request for extension is now before the County of Grey for a final decision.

Notice of Development Activity

Site Servicing and Road Works will begin on December 6, 2021, and continue until June 15, 2022. Residents may see construction equipment, dump trucks, and site crews operating. Residents will receive an additional notice with details should there be service interruptions. For more information, please view the Notice of Development Activity

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