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If a copy of the specific By-law you are searching for is not available here, please contact the Clerk's Office to obtain a copy.

For enforcement information, please visit our By-law Enforcement page.

For a list of documents, please visit our Document Library.

Boards, Committees & Appointments

Confirmation Bylaws

  • Past & Present Confirmation By-Laws



Boards, Committees & Appointments

Budgets & Accounting

Fees & Charges

Local Improvements & Service Extensions

Regulatory By-laws

Taxation, Levies & User Rates

Parking Restrictions

Property Standards & Enforcement

Regulatory By-laws


Fees & Charges

Regulatory By-laws

Road Closures

Speed Limits

  • Past & Present Speed Limit By-laws

Stop Up & Close Portions of Roads

  • Past Stop Up and Close Portions of Road By-laws

Boards, Committees & Appointments

  • 2004-67 Committee of Adjustment and the appointment of members
  • 2019-5 Committee of Adjustment Procedural By-law (3.16 MB)

Registering Subdivisions

  • Past Registering Subdivision By-laws

Regulatory By-laws

  • 2014-18 Building Code Act Respecting Permits & Related Matters



By-law Enforcement
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Clerk's Office
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