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The Town Clerk is the main point of contact for the Town of The Blue Mountains. The Clerk’s Office interacts with all levels of staff, other levels of government, contractors, consultants, community groups, stakeholders, volunteers and the public to build cooperative and collaborative working relationships.

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1. Marriage Applications and Civil Services
2. Lottery Licences
3. Commissioner of Oath
4. Freedom of Information Requests
5. Proclamation Requests

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Marriage Applications and Civil Services

The Town Clerk is available to perform civil marriages. Learn more about the process, or how to book a Town venue, park or facility for your special day.

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Lottery Licenses

A lottery and gaming licence from the Town of The Blue Mountains is required before you can host a lottery or raffle game.

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Commissioner of Oath

The Town Clerk and Deputy Clerk are Commissioners of Oaths offering services and documents such as affidavits and statutory declarations.

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Freedom of Information Requests

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) provides the right to access records held by the Town.

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Proclamation Requests

A proclamation may be requested in recognition of individuals, events, organizations, or community groups of significance for the Town.

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