Marriage Applications & Civil Services

The Town Clerk can perform civil marriages in the Province of Ontario. The Clerk is available to perform marriages either during or after regular business hours. There are a number of marriage ceremonies that can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Civil Wedding Service Fees

The Town of The Blue Mountains offers the option of hosting your civil wedding service at Town Hall, or having a qualified member of Town staff travel to meet you offsite at a private facility.

Location of MarriagePrice
Town Hall (32 Mill Street, Thornbury) During Business Hours 8:30am - 4:30pm$265.00
Private Facility, Residence or Outdoors$400.00
Travel Free (for weddings taking place outside of The Blue Mountains municipal limits)$30.00

These fees do not include the cost of a Marriage Licence ($170.00).


Marriage rehearsals are optional and can be scheduled with the Clerk's Office.

Rehearsal Fee$80.00


There are a number of stunning indoor and outdoor marriage venues in The Blue Mountains. For more information please visit our Business Directory

For a list of local churches, please visit our Community Organizations page. 

If you are interested in getting married at Town Hall, please contact the Town Clerk. If you are interested in getting married at the Beaver Valley Community Centre or at a Town Park, please contact the Community Services Department.

A document being signed at a wedding

Marriage Licence Application

View and download the province's Marriage Licence Application Form.

View Application