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Development Applications

Planning Services is responsible for the processing of the following types of development applications.

The Town requires “pre-consultation” through a formal meeting with proponents and Planning Staff on all applications for:

  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By-law Amendment
  • Site Plan Control
  • Draft Plan of Subdivision and Condominium

The purpose of the pre-consultation meeting is to identify all required information to be submitted to the Town as part of a complete application file. Proponents should have a detailed understanding of their project and be able to provide a project overview, site plan and any completed studies in support of the application.  Pre-consultation does not imply support of Town Staff or The Blue Mountains of any application.

To arrange a formal Pre-consultation, please complete the Pre-Consultation Application Form

At a very early stage of a proposal, Planning Staff are also available for an “Information Meeting”. This is a less formal meeting, usually one-on-one with a Town Planner on your development concept or idea. This meeting does not take the place of the required pre-consultation meeting for some applications. The Planner can provide high level feedback on the general concept or idea. Detailed comments, including complete application requirements, will NOT be provided.
Please make a request for an Information Meeting by completing the Information Meeting Form.

Applications can be picked up at the Town Office, by contacting Planning Services, or by visiting Applications & Forms Webpage.

The Town requires Site Plan Approval for multiple residential (including condominiums), commercial and industrial development. Site Plan deal with the impact of the plan on surrounding land uses including the specific location of buildings, structures, services, access, parking and landscaping on a particular property. If Site Plan approval is required, the applicant must complete and submit a Site Plan application to the Town for review. Under the Planning Act, the public is not involved in the site plan approval process.

Grey County is the approval authority for Subdivisions and Condominiums within the Town. The Town requests that all applicants who pre-consult with Grey County on a proposed plan of subdivision or condominium involve Town Staff.

Site plan control is a form of development control provided to municipalities under Section 41 of the Planning Act. No one can undertake any development which is subject to site plan control unless the Town has reviewed and approved certain plans. Once the plans are approved, a site plan agreement is generally executed. This agreement contractually binds the owner to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved plans and the terms of the agreement.

The construction of a single detached dwelling, duplex, semi-detached dwelling or converted dwelling unit, some agricultural buildings and other classes of development may be exempt from site plan control. Please contact Planning Services for more information.

What is the purpose of Site Plan Control?

The purpose of site plan control is:

  • To improve the image and aesthetic appearance of the whole Town through better individual developments by applying consistent standards and guidelines
  • To ensure that off-street parking and loading facilities are properly located, constructed and maintained during all seasons 
  • To ensure the safety and convenience of automobile and pedestrian traffic to, from, and on a new development or redevelopment
  • To develop an efficient transportation system by widening existing roads through land and easement dedications
  • To protect environmental areas (e.g. wetlands, hilltops, wildlife habitats) through the appropriate location of buildings, roads and parking spaces

Good design is essential to building a community to be proud of.  The Town of The Blue Mountains Community Design Guidelines provides direction on how to design various types of development and consideration that should be incorporated to meet the Town's objectives.  The Community Design Guidelines are supported by Section D5.2 of the Town of The Blue Mountains Official Plan.  Furthermore, By-law 2012-47 requires all Planning Act decisions by the Town to be consistent with the guidelines.  It is strongly recommended that prospective applicants reference the Guidelines prior to finalizing development concepts and/or applications(s) for submission to the Town.

Development Application Process

For detailed information about the Town's application process, please visit our Development Application Process page.

Official Plan & Zoning Information

For information about the Town's Official Plan or to obtain zoning information, please visit our Official Plan page and our Zoning Information page.


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