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Entrance / Driveway Permit

Town of The Blue Mountains regulates the construction of driveway entrances onto Municipal roads. We ensure that entrances are installed according to municipal standards in appropriate locations and provide for safe and efficient road operation.

There are 3 types of Entrance permits: New Entrance, Frontage and Paving. 

Property owners must apply for an entrance permit when:

  • A new building is to be constructed on vacant land. If you are getting a building permit, you will need an entrance permit
  • An entrance is desired to a property where no entrance exists
  • A temporary access is required
  • The use of an entrance changes from temporary to permanent
  • An existing land use changes to another land use, for example a field entrance changes to a residential entrance
  • Installation of a private swimming pool and pool enclosure (fence) if you are not using your existing driveway for access when installing the pool

Property owners may also require a New Entrance permit when:

  • A Fill Permit has been issued by the Municipality
  • A Site Alteration Permit has been issued by the Conservation Authority 

Exceptions to this requirement would include an approved subdivision with the municipality which identified or included the proposed lot and entrance as part of the approved plan of subdivision.

Property owners must apply for a frontage permit when:

  • Major work is proposed with no changes to the driveway entrance (the portion of the driveway that is on Town property), for example:
    • addition or renovation to existing building
    • demolition
    • curb cuts
    • culvert changes
    • driveway widening
    • addition of curbs or other permanent works
    • grading and landscape changes
  • Installation of a private swimming pool and pool enclosure (fence)

Property owners must apply for a Paving Permit when:  

  • Paving an existing residential or commercial entrance, with materials such as asphalt, interlocking stone or concrete

To complete an appication for your entrance/driveway permit please click on the Entrance Permit Guide to download your Entrance Permit Application Form

To request a copy of drawings for the Town of The Blue Mountains Rural Entrance Profile Guidelines and the Rural Culvert Profile Guidelines, or if you have any questions or require additional information please contact the Operations Department