Residential Building Permits

Building permits give legal permission to construct, demolish or renovate on a property. Constructing without a building permit may result in construction delays and the removal of work completed.

Building Permit Application Documents

The following list contains links to the various building permit application documents and checklists. Please use the links as guides to assist in better understanding the requirements for submitting a complete building permit application. You may also refer to the Municipal Building By-law which provides detailed operational and procedural requirements and also includes a detailed building permit fee schedule.

In addition to application documents required by the Town, approvals from other Agencies may be required in many instances before a building permit application can be processed. Please ensure all other required approvals are complete.

How to Apply

All applications, forms, drawings and related documents shall be submitted electronically by email in PDF format to Building Services or by using the Town's secure Share File system.

Further Building Permit Information