Engineering Standards

The Town of The Blue Mountain's engineering standards provide guidance for the design and construction of municipal infrastructure. The latest update of the engineering standards was adopted by Town Council in 2023. Any projects in the pre-consultation or planning phase at the time of approval of the Updated Engineering Standards must remain within full compliance of the new standards.

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Appendix A: Project Signage

Project signage is used at various stages throughout the design and construction of municipal infrastructure projects.

Appendix B: Service Record Sheets

Service record sheets are used to provide construction details and location data for Town owned sewer and water services. This information is used when connecting to the service or completing repairs.

Appendix C: Design Deviation Form

The design deviation form is used to resolve minor deviations in cases when the Town's engineering standards cannot be followed.

Appendix D: Standard Drawings and Cross Sections

The Town's Standard Drawings and Cross Sections have been prepared to use as guidance when designing and constructing municipal services.

Please Note: The Town reserves the right to update any document on this page as required by changes to regulations, design practices and technologies. Revisions will be posted to this page, but it is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure they are using the current version.

2009 Engineering Standards

Developments that were approved with an AFC Drawing Package or under construction at the time of the adoption of the 2023 Engineering Standards will remain bound by the 2009 Engineering Standards, but must remain compliant with the construction and post-construction provisions of the updated Engineering Standards.

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