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Bay Street East Reconstruction

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The 2021 Town Budget included funding for a capital project intended to make upgrades to the Craigleith Main Sewage Lift Station. In May of 2022, Town Council approved a motion to increase the scope of the project to include upgrades to the Mill Street Sewage Lift Station and installation of an additional sanitary forcemain along Bay Street from Mill Street to Grey Street.

The Town’s Asset Management Plan indicates that the underground infrastructure on Bay Street in this location is in poor to very poor condition and is approaching the end of its useful life. The existing sanitary sewer and watermain are both made of asbestos cement, and both experience significant leakage issues. The installation of the secondary forcemain will involve road excavation that is likely to result in many more leaks as the ground shifts and settles. Considering that Bay Street from Mill Street to Grey Street will need to be significantly disturbed for the installation of the forcemain, this provides a great opportunity to reconstruct the entire road. This will ensure that the watermain, sewers and stormwater systems are adequate for the next 50-75 years. Addressing leaking watermains and sewers reduces the burden on both the water and wastewater systems, freeing up needed capacity and allowing more connections to current infrastructure.

Why Now?

The existing watermain and gravity sewer are approaching end of life, and a secondary forcemain is required between the Mill Street Sewage Pumping Station and the Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plant to handle planned growth in the community.

Project Updates

April 19, 2024 - Public Information Centre #1 Summary

The presentation deck and recording of the Public Information Centre held on April 18, 2024 are now available to view in the Public Meetings & Information Centres section below.

The Public Information Centre provided an opportunity for attendees to review the project background including the alternative alignments that were evaluated for the forcemain, along with the preliminary design options for Bay Street East. Members of the public are encouraged to share their preferences and feedback regarding the design with the Town's Project Manager by May 3, 2024. These comments will be included in the follow-up Staff Report seeking direction from Town Council. Comments can be sent to

Further updates will be expected when the project team is scheduled to present the follow-up Staff Report regarding the meeting to Committee of the Whole.

Public Meetings & Information Centres

Public Information Centre #1 - April 18, 2024

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Map of Project Area

Map of Bay Street East project area

Quarterly Progress Reports

Q4 2023Project Scope: Within scope
Project Schedule: Within schedule
Project Budget: Within budget


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