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Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant Sewage Pumping Station Environmental Assessment

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The Town of The Blue Mountains has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to evaluate and select the preferred solution to address the need for the extension of a gravity sewer and associated sewage lift station, at the Town’s Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Additionally, an assessment will be complete to determine if the septage and leachate receiving station should be relocated to the WWTP. The proposed work will include the following:

  • Extending the sewage collection system from the existing gravity sewer on the southern boundary of the intersection of Grey Road 21 and Highway 26 north within the Long Point Road allowance to the Craigleith WWTP.
  • Development of solutions for a new lift station to raise the wastewater from the new sanitary sewer into the treatment plant.
  • Developing solutions for the relocation of the septage and leachate receiving station from its current location on Lakeshore Road to the WWTP site.
  • Design of all facilities to accommodate imminent near-term and build out needs.

The gravity sewer along Long Point Road is considered a Schedule “A” project and may proceed; however, the pumping station and septage receiving station at the Craigleith WWTP on Long Point Road will be considered a Schedule “B” project. The proposed solutions will be evaluated considering natural, cultural, technical and economic environment, and the preferred solution will be selected in consultation with regulatory agencies and the public.

Why Now?

The Town’s sanitary sewer collection and pumping infrastructure within the Craigleith area requires upgrades and enhancements to meet the projected demands of growth in a sustainable manner.

Project Updates

January 29, 2024 - Final Project File Report available for review

The Town has received the final Project File Report for the Long Point Road Sanitary Sewer and Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Municipal Class EA. Updated versions of the Stakeholder Correspondence (Appendix M) and Cultural Heritage Assessment Report (Appendix O) have also been added to the table below. The preferred alternatives include:

  • Construction of a new trunk sanitary sewer to a new sanitary pumping station at the Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant site
  • Relocation of the septage/leachate receiving station to the Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant site

View Final Project File Report

This is a reissue of the notice of completion due to comments received during the first review period which required additional study related to potential cultural heritage impacts. Upon completion of that study, no additional cultural heritage features were identified. Therefore, the project file has been revised and recommends proceeding to implementation. Upon completion of the 30 day period and resolution of any further comments, the project may proceed to implementation. At this time, the plan remains to proceed with detailed design in 2024 with construction of the proposed works planned for 2025 subject to budgetary and regulatory approvals.

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