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East Side Water Storage Environmental Assessment

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The Town is completing this Class Environmental Assessment to evaluate and select the preferred solution to address the Town’s water storage and water supply in the general area east of Wards Road to Grey Road 21. This includes Pressure Zones 1 East, 4 (a, b, c, d) and 5.  


At build-out, approximately 8,300 m3 of storage is required in Zone 4. There is currently 5,000 m3 of built storage that serves that pressure zone, leaving a deficit of at least 3,300 m3.


In the 20-year horizon build-out scenario, the projected supply is not adequate. Historically, the Town’s water system has been set up to transfer water from pressure zones in the west, to pressure zones in the east through the Arrowhead Booster Pumping Station. The current water system is long and lacks looping and redundancy. It is reliant on the Thornbury Water Treatment Plant and a supply from the Town of Collingwood via the Mountain Road Booster Pumping Station.

Preliminary Preferred Alternative

The preliminary preferred alternative identified through the study includes the following:

  • Construct new water treatment plant in Craigleith with 7,133 m3/day capacity
  • Upgrade Thornbury Water Treatment Plant capacity to 18,165 m3/day
  • Construct new 5,000 m3 at-grade reservoir in Craigleith
  • Construct new 285 L/s booster pumping station in Craigleith and decommission existing Arrowhead Road Booster Pumping Station
  • Twin watermain from new water treatment plant and reservoir to Happy Valley Reservoir
  • Twin watermain from Happy Valley Reservoir to east limits of pressure zone 4

This alternative has been endorsed in principle by Town Council. Members of the public are invited to share their comments and thoughts with the project team by emailing

View Draft Project File Report 

Why Now?

To evaluate solutions to the Town's storage and supply deficiencies in the East Pressure Zones.

Project Updates

March 21, 2024 - Public Information Centre #2 Summary

The presentation deck and recording of the Public Information Centre held on March 20, 2024 are now available to view in the Public Meetings & Information Centres section below.

The Public Information Centre provided an opportunity for attendees to review the alternative solutions that were evaluated, and learn more about the preliminary preferred solution of constructing a new Water Treatment Plant and storage facility in Craigleith along with other system improvements. The project team will be presenting a follow-up Staff Report regarding the meeting to Town Council in the future.

Public Meetings & Information Centres

Public Information Centre #2 - March 20, 2024

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