Map of Lakewood Drive Reconstruction project area

Lakewood Drive Reconstruction

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The Town has identified Lakewood Drive for reconstruction due to deficiencies with the water distribution and sewage collection systems. The road was constructed in 1971, and is now due for replacement of the inground works. The road will be reconstructed and the ditches reshaped and cleared of trees.

One problem with the reconstruction is the lack of information regarding drainage outlets to the Bay. The Town does not have any drawings related to the road construction nor an overall subdivision grading plan. Tatham Engineering will be completing a stormwater study for the area, and will be presenting a number of preliminary proposed solutions to improve local drainage.

Through the 2023 Town Budget process, it was decided that the Town would complete the detailed engineering for Lakewood Drive this year, but to temporarily delay construction in favour if higher priority projects. At this time, there is no set schedule for the start of construction.

Why Now?

Lakewood Drive's water system is sub-standard, the main is a 3” pipe and there is only one hydrant at the east end of the road. The sanitary system has deficiencies and is leaking. The project is advancing as part of the Town’s capital asset management.

Project Updates

April 10, 2024 - Public Information Centre #1 Follow-up Staff Report

Staff Report CSOPS.24.002 came before Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. This report provided a summary of the comments and feedback that were received through the Public Information Centre held on November 9, 2023, and requested direction from Council to advance the project design to the 90% stage with adjustments to the stormwater routing that would direct runoff to the beach as possible. It also requested direction to put the project on hold once the 90% design stage has been reached, until an opportunity to advance to construction is available. More details are available in the Staff Reports section on this page.

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Staff Reports & Council Decisions

Public Meetings and Information Centres

Map of Project Area

Map of Lakewood Drive Reconstruction project area

Quarterly Progress Reports

Q1 2024Project Scope: Within scope
Project Schedule: Within revised schedule
Project Budget: Within budget