Map of Peel Street North project area

Peel Street North Reconstruction

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The reconstruction of Peel Street has been identified as a project in the Town’s Development Charges Background Study (DCBS) for some time. The DCBS originally called for an Urban road cross-section with sidewalk, street illumination and street trees, but upon further review it was determined that the current road standards would not meet the project’s goals. A hybrid Rural/Urban Road with a 2.7m wide multi-use trail running parallel for pedestrians and cyclists was recommended for the reconstruction. 

Preliminary designs have provided the Town with a flexible outline for the project in the future. Features of the reconstruction will include an improvement to profile of Peel Street, which will improve sightlines for drivers and pedestrians. A replacement of the pavement structure was also recommended to meet current standards. 

A revised budget request sheet was included in the 2023 Proposed Town Budget for council consideration. This has been updated to account for current construction costs, and has updated the proposed project scope to include a pedestrian bridge over the Little Beaver River. The Final Design for the project is expected to be completed in 2023 with construction to follow in 2024.

Why Now?

The Town is moving forward on the reconstruction of Peel Street as local development nears completion. 

Project Updates

July 15, 2024 - Addition of trailhead forest to project scope

Staff Report CSOPS.24.047 was pulled by Council for further discussion at their meeting on July 15, 2024. Following some discussion, Council voted to approve the addition of the trailhead forest to the project scope, and requested more information on the optional servicing routes for the Lora Green development property. For more information, please view the Staff Reports section on this page.

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Staff Reports & Council Decisions

Public Meetings & Information Centres

The presentation deck and meeting recording from the Public Information Centre held on October 5 are available for review in the accordion below.

Map of Project Area

Map of Peel Street Reconstruction Project Area

Quarterly Progress Reports

Q1 2024

Project Scope: Within revised scope
Project Schedule: Schedule revised
Project Budget: Within revised budget

Notes: The project team is currently evaluating the possibility of adding some items to the project scope. The schedule has been revised as construction is now anticipated in 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions