Stormwater management pond with Escarpment in the background

Town-Wide Master Drainage Plan Environmental Assessment

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The Town of The Blue Mountains is undertaking a comprehensive Town-wide Drainage Master Plan following the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Planning Process to serve as a long-term strategy for the Town to manage stormwater in existing and new growth areas. The purpose of the Drainage Master Plan is to:

  • Identify existing and future drainage infrastructure deficiencies and areas of flooding;
  • Develop drainage solutions to address these deficiencies, reduce flooding, resolve public safety concerns and improve maintenance opportunities;
  • Evaluate the drainage solutions through a risk assessment considering costs, impacts on the environment, and input from the public and interested stakeholders;
  • The selection of a set of preferred solutions to be implemented moving forward;
  • Prioritization of the preferred solutions considering available funding, planned development, capital works budgets, infrastructure condition assessments and coordination with other infrastructure (roads, bridges, sanitary and water main) improvement projects; and
  • The development of a policy framework for the management of stormwater in existing and future growth areas. 

The Drainage Master Plan will be focused on the settlement areas in the Town including Lora Bay, Thornbury and Clarksburg, Camperdown, Craigleith and Swiss Meadows, the Blue Mountain Village Area and Caste Glen.

The Town has awarded Tatham Engineering Limited the contract for the Drainage Master Plan with the study beginning in the Spring of 2021. The Final Drainage Master Plan Report will be presented to council by the third quarter of 2022.  

Why Now?

The Town is completing this assessment now to create a long-term strategy for the management of stormwater in existing and new-growth areas.

Project Updates

Public Meetings and Information Centres