24 Alfred Street

Project Information
Application Type(s)
Town file #
P3146, P3195
24 Alfred Street & 21 Alice Street

Current Status

Under Review

Total Residential Units
Project location

The proposal includes a 17-unit Plan of Subdivision consisting of 9 single detached dwelling units and 8 semi-detached dwellings on a condominium road, 1 drainage block for stormwater management and 2 landscape blocks. The condominium road will have direct access to Alice St to the north and Alfred St to the south. The dwelling units are proposed to connect to municipal water and wastewater that currently service the existing area. Cash in-lieu of parkland is proposed for this subdivision.

The Zoning By-law Amendment proposes to rezone the subject property from Residential Density One ‘R1-1’ Zone to Residential Density One Exception ‘R1-1-XX’ Zone, Residential Density One ‘R1-1’ Zone, Residential Density Two ‘R2’ Zone, and Open Space ‘OS’ Zone. The ‘R1-1-XX’ Exception Zone is proposed to permit a reduced lot frontage of 17.3 metres on one lot abutting Alice Street West and the ‘R2’ zone is proposed to permit semi-detached dwellings in a portion of the development.

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