Blue Vista

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Part Lot 17, Concession 1

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Blue Mountain Village

The purpose of this application is to consider the zoning requirements to implement a proposed Plan of Subdivision on the subject lands. The Plan of Subdivision proposes 133 lots, open space, environmental protection areas and a public park area.

The effect of this application is to rezone the subject lands from the Development ‘D’ and Hazard ‘H’ zones to the Residential ‘R1-2’, Open Space ‘OS’ and Hazard ‘H’ zones. Exceptions are proposed on the Residential ‘R1-2’ lands to limit residential uses to single detached and semi-detached dwellings up to a maximum of 180 units. An increase in permitted lot coverage (35% to 38%) and minimum lot requirements for semi-detached units (225 sq m lot area, 7.5 m lot frontage) are also proposed. Short Term Accommodation uses are proposed to be prohibited.

Exceptions are proposed on the Open Space lands to permit a private recreational facility having a maximum floor area of 500 sq m and a minimum rear yard and side yard setback of 1 metre.

The Holding ‘-h’ symbol is proposed to require a Subdivision Agreement and registered Plan of Subdivision prior to development. Permission is requested to permit up to three model homes to be constructed on the lands prior to the removal of the Holding ‘-h’ symbol subject to a Model Home Agreement with the Town.

It is noted that the subject lands are also subject to County of Grey approvals for the Plan of Subdivision. On July 14, 2022, Grey County Council approved the plan of subdivision, subject to conditions. 

The Developer has secured a Tree Cutting Agreement from the Town of the Blue Mountains to allow for the cutting of trees within the Blue Vista development property in accordance with the Approved Plans. The Accepted for Construction (AFC) Drawings relating to tree cutting can be found below under “Related Documents, Accepted for Construction Drawings”. Tree Cutting work is expected to begin on March 13, 2023, and continue through March 31, 2023 subject to weather and site conditions.

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