Community Improvement Plan

The Town is undertaking a study to prepare a new Community Improvement Plan (CIP) with a focus on attainable housing as well as refresh another separate existing CIP. A CIP is a planning and economic development tool that municipalities may use to facilitate broad community revitalization goals through grants or loans to private property owners and tenants. This Project will consider opportunities for the Town to administer grants or loans to encourage private sector investment in attainable housing. It will also consider opportunities to update to the existing Commercial Core CIP in light of recent economic challenges due to the Pandemic.

On January 11, 2021 Council for the Town of The Blue Mountains considered Staff Report PDS.21.011. As a result, Council has adopted two new Community Improvement Plans (CIPs).

After both CIP’s are in full force and effect, Town staff will provide a follow-up report to Town Council in the future regarding the administration of the plan and recommended funding for 2021 CIP programs.

How to Get Involved

Engaging community residents and business owners is critical to ensuring that the CIP reflects the community’s aspirations for the Town. As an initial first step, the Town invited all members of the community and business owners to complete a survey. The survey was used to inform the preparation of the CIP and was the first of several opportunities for engagement and participation in the project. The survey is now closed.

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, a virtual (online) Public Open House was held as Town staff and the Town’s consultant, WSP, facilitated a workshop to engage participants. The knowledge and information shared during the Public Open House assisted in further developing the draft CIPs.

A statutory Public Meeting (virtual) took place on November 2, 2020. The public meeting provided an opportunity to provide comments on the draft Attainable Housing CIP and any proposed updates to the existing Commercial Core Areas CIP.

Project Surveys

The Community Improvement Plan survey is now closed.