Multi-Use Recreation Feasibility Assessment

Joint Multi-Use Recreation Feasibility Assessment

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Following completion of the 2021 Leisure Activities Plan, the Town of The Blue Mountains approved funding toward the delivery of a feasibility assessment regarding a multi-use recreation facility. The Town of Collingwood had also approved funding toward the delivery of a feasibility assessment through its 2019 Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. Both Plans indicated that there were opportunities to utilize a regional approach to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy and provide accurate delivery of services throughout a future timeframe.

The feasibility assessment will confirm community needs for both the current timeframe as well as a defined future scope. This assessment will also review business alternatives to determine the most effective means of delivering services. Tools that will be used are expected to be an analysis of current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, in addition to community consultation, research of best practices, planning and forecasting tools, and the contextual review and application of other municipal plans and documents. The goal is to establish a better understanding of the needs of both communities, not to determine what a single facility will look like or where it will be located. The results are expected to provide Council with the information required to make a “go/no-go” decision on further progressing plans that could lead to a major capital project.

The model of integrating library services into a community centre has proven effective in several municipalities across the province. Therefore, as a measure of efficiency and timing opportunity, The Collingwood Library and The Blue Mountains Public Library will also be included as key contributors through the assessment.

Why Now?

Funding for individual feasibility studies was recommended through both The Blue Mountains’ 2021 Leisure Activities Plan and the Town of Collingwood’s 2019 Parks Recreation and Culture Master Plan. The municipalities have both received Council consent to work on a joint feasibility plan to investigate a regional approach.

Project Updates

June 18, 2024 - Kick-off presentation to Town Council

A Staff Report is scheduled to be presented to Council on Monday, June 24. The report provides background and an overview of the joint Multi-Use Recreation Feasibility Assessment. The project consultant will also be making a presentation outlining the project objective, approach, proposed work plan and next steps. For more details, go to the Staff Reports section on this page.

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Public Consultation

Public engagement will be a key factor in this approach, as well as consultation with local and Provincial Sport Organizations, third-party recreation providers, and group-users of community space. For ongoing updates regarding this study, please subscribe to our dedicated project email list using the link below.


Staff Reports & Council Decisions

Frequently Asked Questions