Trail along side of Lora Bay Drive

Lora Bay Drainage Improvements

Project Update – July 10, 2024
Due to unforeseen circumstances, please be advised that there has been a delay to the culvert works on West Ridge and Sunset Boulevard due to issues with a primary hydro cable. These issues have been resolved and work will recommence the week of July 29. Asphalt works are scheduled for the week of August 12, 2024. 

Construction Notice
Construction of a new culvert crossing Sunset Boulevard has commenced as of April 8th and will be completed within 3 to 4 weeks (schedule subject to change depending on weather). Sunset Boulevard will remain open for the majority of the duration, but will be reduced to a single lane to allow for the installation of the proposed culvert. It will be closed from April 30th to May 3rd to facilitate the installation of the culvert.

Construction Notice

Council has directed Town staff to continue work with the developer and the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority to resolve existing drainage issues in the Lora Bay area. The previous Staff Report PDS.19.03 noted this work.

The drainage course running on the west side of Lora Bay Drive within the Town road allowance (commonly known as Boulder Creek) drains a total area of approximately 280 hectares.  Drainage is conveyed beneath Highway 26 by two 3.1 x 1.2 concrete box culverts and two 0.9 meter x 0.9 m concrete box culverts (~ 9.2 m2 total area).  Downstream of Highway 26, the system is conveyed through a boulder-lined channel to Westridge Drive, where it’s directed into a 0.9 by 2.2 (2.0 m2 area) concrete box culvert.  North of Westridge Drive, the system steepens before a sharp left turn to proceed through the Golf Course and then into the Stormwater Management Pond on the 2nd and 3rd holes. 

During Spring rain, snowmelt, or heavy rainfall events, flows have spilled from the channel South of Westridge Drive to wash out the Trail above and below the roundabout.  Additionally, driveway culvert washouts on Sunset Boulevard, just north of Lora Bay Drive, occurred when runoff from the Golf course channel inundated the Sunset Boulevard drainage system. Works have progressively been undertaken over previous years to improve the system.  The currently proposed works will create improvements from North of Highway 26 to the Sunset Boulevard Culverts to bring the Drainage System up to current standards.

A map of the work on Sunset Boulevard can be seen below and includes the following:

  • Addition of a 200mm diameter culvert across Sunset Boulevard
  • Regrading of channel upstream and downstream of the new Culvert