Municipal Tree By-Law Update

Council is considering making updates to the current Municipal Tree Preservation By-law 2010-68 to increase tree protection and preservation in the community. The intent of the update is to consider extending the scope of the existing By-law to include a wider number of trees within the Town, potentially including the consideration of trees located on private property.

How to Get Involved

This webpage will be updated throughout the project's life cycle and will share key information, including public engagement opportunities, project materials, and important documents to keep the community informed. For more information, check out the "Who's Listening" section located at the top left of the webpage. Written comments can be submitted through the Tree By-Law Update Online Form.


To ensure any future policy changes or by-law updates are appropriate for the Town, a number of public engagement opportunities will be undertaken to gain valuable insight into the community's priorities regarding tree protection. This will include a Public Open House, a Community Survey, as well as a Public Meeting with the feedback collected during these engagement sessions assisting in the consideration of any policy changes or by-law updates by Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that these questions have been answered based on the current draft of the Municipal Tree By-law Update and may be amended as the update is further developed and discussed by Town Staff & Council. 

The Tree Preservation Public Survey was available between March 30, 2021 and May 14, 2021. For an overview of the survey results, please click here

  • Tree Preservation Public Survey (Closed): Results from the survey will assist in the Town’s potential development of an update to the current tree preservation by-law and will also be forwarded to the County of Grey as input to the development of updates to the County’s Forest Management By-law.