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Natural Asset Inventory and Natural Heritage Study

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The natural environment plays a critical role in providing safe, healthy, and resilient communities. The identity of the Town of the Blue Mountains is also tied closely to its natural environment character and this forms a significant factor in its desirability, as a place to live, work and play. The Town of The Blue Mountains is taking action to identify, protect and effectively manage its natural environment to ensure the services and functions it provides remain healthy and sustainable for the long-term.

The Natural Asset Inventory and Natural Heritage Study project involves two separate but interrelated parts. The first is the identification and creation of an inventory of natural assets across the Town of The Blue Mountains. The second is the development of recommendations for the identification, management and protection of those features of importance to the Town.

The project includes data gathering, research and public engagement components and is scheduled to take place over the next several months with a completion date targeted for spring of 2024.  

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Public and Stakeholder Engagement

The Town and consulting team sought input for this project through two open houses. Each session consisted of a project overview presentation and table discussions. 

Frequently Asked Questions