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Official Plan Review

An update on Phase 2 of the Official Plan Review will be brought to Committee of the Whole on May 27, 2024 in Staff Report PDS.24.084.

Planning Staff provided Staff Report PDS.24.014 to Council in January 2024 summarizing the public workshops completed over the Fall and Winter of 2023.  Since then, SGL Planning Consultants has conducted one-on-one meetings with Council members to share information learned from the public workshops and to gain insight into each council member’s priorities and expectations for the Official Plan project.  Policy writing remains underway and will be considering edits to the Official Plan based on the: research completed under the background papers, feedback from public engagement sessions, feedback from letters received, feedback from Council interviews, and also a secondary review of the policy changes considered under Phase 1. 

Planning Staff are anticipating that the policy changes will be made available in June 2024. Based on public feedback at previous stages of the project, staff are seeking to ensure there is an extensive review period for the proposed changes and a such, will be targeting late September 2024 for a Public Open House and Public Meeting to be scheduled. Notice of upcoming meetings and the circulation of Official Plan changes will be provided prior to Council summer recess.  Depending on the comments received through the Open House and Public Meeting, additional changes to the Official Plan may be required and we anticipate bringing a recommendation report to Council requesting a decision on the Official Plan by late fall this year.

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1. Background Information
2. Phase 1 Information
3. Phase 2 Information

Phase 2 of the Official Plan Review project is now underway. Phase 1, completed in 2022, considered high-level action items, including the vision, guiding principles, goals and objectives. Phase 2 allows a closer look at critical topics that emerged through this process to develop policies to guide future land-use decisions in the Town.

Comments and feedback throughout the project can be shared directly with the Official Plan project staff at any time through the contact form below.

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Background Information

In 2022, the Town of The Blue Mountains began the process of updating its Official Plan. When complete, the Official Plan will guide all future land-use decisions in the Town, including residential, commercial, and other forms of development. Policies are being developed to consider how to manage growth, housing, density and intensification standards, protection of the environment, how agricultural and natural features will be protected and more. As required by the Planning Act, the Official Plan must be reviewed and updated every five years.

What is an Official Plan?

Watch our short explainer video to learn how the Official Plan impacts you and your neighbourhood! 

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Official Plan Update was completed in 2022, which included high-level action items, including the Official Plan vision, guiding principles, goals and objectives. Growth management and changes to housing, density, height, and character, were also developed.

Phase 2 

Phase 2 of the Official Plan Review takes a closer look at topics related to the natural environment, climate change, source water protection, rural/agricultural lands, parks, and open space, servicing, commercial/employment lands, transit and transportation, and downtown area building heights.