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Official Plan Review


    The Official Plan Steering Committee has completed Phase 1 of the Official Plan Review. At the September 13, 2022 meeting, Council approved Phase 1 in principle, which is a non-binding position endorsing the intent and direction of Official Plan Amendment No. 3, with the final decision being deferred to the next term of Council. 

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    Official Plan Amendment No. 3

    In 2022, the Town of The Blue Mountains began the process of updating its Official Plan. When complete, this document will guide all future land-use decisions in the Town, including residential, commercial, and other forms of development. Policies are being developed to consider how to manage growth, permitted housing, density and intensification standards, protection of the environment, how agricultural and natural features will be protected, and more. As required by the Planning Act, the Official Plan must be reviewed and updated every five years.

    This review, led by Council, is divided into three phases. Phase 1 has been completed and was approved by Council in principle late last year. The approval was a non-binding position endorsing the intent and direction of the Phase 1 outcomes, with the final decision being deferred to the next term of Council. Phase 1 assessed high-level action items, including the Official Plan vision, guiding principles, goals and objectives. Growth management, and changes to housing, density, height, and character, were developed and incorporated into the Phase 1 Official Plan Amendment, known as Official Plan Amendment No. 3.

    Following the endorsement of Phase 1, Town Staff launched the second phase of the project, which takes a closer look at topics related to the natural environment, climate change, source water protection, rural/agricultural lands, parks, and open space, servicing, commercial/employment lands, transit and transportation, and downtown area building heights. Concurrent with the Phase 2 work, the Town is undertaking a detailed review and proposed updates to the Community Design Guidelines, a key document providing expectations intended to facilitate the high-quality design of the built environment throughout the Town.

    Throughout Phase 2, residents and stakeholders will have many opportunities to share their feedback and vision for the Town's future by participating in Public Information Sessions, completing a public survey, and attending a Public Open House and Public Meeting. In addition, members of the public can share feedback directly with the Official Plan project staff at any time through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

    What is an Official Plan?

    Watch our short explainer video to learn how the Official Plan impacts you and your neighbourhood! 

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