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Official Plan Review


    The Official Plan Steering Committee has completed Phase 1 of the Official Plan Review. At the September 13th meeting, Council approved Phase 1 in principle, which is a non-binding position endorsing the intent and direction of Official Plan Amendment No. 3, with the final decision being deferred to the next term of Council. 

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    Official Plan Amendment No. 3

    The Town of The Blue Mountains is updating its Official Plan. When completed, the Official Plan will guide all future land-use decisions in the Town, including residential and commercial development, the type of permitted housing, density and intensification standards, and how agricultural and natural features will be protected. Residents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to share their feedback and vision for the Town's future by participating in the Official Plan Review.

    The Official Plan Review process was endorsed by Council on Monday, December 13, 2021. The process is seeking an aggressive adoption schedule where Phase 1 is adopted with the current Council in 2022 and Phase 2 with the future Council (December 2023).

    The main goals of Phase 1 of the Official Plan Review are:

    • Conformity with Upper Tier Planning Documents
    • Review of the Official Plan Vision, Guiding Principles and Goals and Objectives
    • Growth Management, Housing, Density Height and Character
    • General Housekeeping Updates

    Additional Information

    What is an Official Plan?

    Watch our short explainer video to learn how the Official Plan impacts you and your neighbourhood! 

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