Development Charges

Development charges are fees that the Town collects to help pay for the cost of infrastructure required to provide municipal services to new developments. This includes new infrastructure as well as the re-development of land. Infrastructure includes roads, water and wastewater infrastructure, libraries, community centres, and fire and police facilities.

The development of all lands within the Town is subject to development charges. Development Charges vary by service area and are levied according to the service area in which the development is located.

Development Charges are based on Town estimates of what new services will be needed to accommodate population growth. This information is used to update the Development Charges By-law and the Consolidated Development Charges Background Study.

The Town's current Development Charges By-law and Development Charges Background Study were completed in 2024. The Ontario Development Charges Act states that a municipality must, at minimum, review the By-law and accompanying Background Study every five years.