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Pressure Zone 4C Water Distribution Improvements - Tyrolean Village

Project Information

In 2015/2016 the Town completed a review and update of the calibrated hydraulic water model which included a needs assessment analysis of the Town’s water distribution system. The review identified existing deficiencies within the boundary of Pressure Zone 4C and provided recommendations for infrastructure upgrades to help improve water pressure and fire flow within the Tyrolean Village area.

Pressure Zone 4C is made up of the area known locally as Tyrolean Village. This area includes Arlberg Crescent, Birch View Trail, Tyrolean Lane and part of Kandahar Lane.

In 2018/2019 the Town retained J.L. Richards and Associates Ltd. to complete the preliminary design of the project including the production of a Conceptual Design Report and Conceptual Design Drawings.

The preferred solution identified through the preliminary design includes the removal of the existing pressure relief valve on Craigmore Crescent at County Road 19 and the addition of two new pressure relief valves, one located on Birch View Trail between Arlberg Crescent and Brooker Boulevard and the other located on Tyrolean Lane East of Craigmore Crescent. The preliminary design would also require the extension of the existing watermain on Craigmore Crescent to loop the existing watermain to Settler’s Way (approx. 80m) and the installation of approximately 70m of new watermain on Birch View Trail from Arlberg Crescent to Brooker Boulevard.

The project will include restoration only in areas disturbed by the installation of the necessary infrastructure. Full road reconstruction is not being considered as part of this project.

In late November 2019 the Town awarded the contract for the completion of the detailed engineering design and contract administration to WT Infrastructure Solutions Inc. It is anticipated that the detailed design will be completed in the spring of 2020 with construction following immediately in the summer or early fall.

Notices and Background Reports

Notification of Project- Pressure Zone 4C Water Distribution Improvements (Link to mailed notice)

Contact Information

For additional information contact:

Town Consultant
Jamie Witherspoon, P.Eng.
WT Infrastructure Solutions Inc.
Email: jamie.witherspoon@wtinfrastructure.ca
Town Project Manager
Mike Humphries, CET
Engineering Design Technologist
Town of The Blue Mountains
Email: operationsinfo@thebluemountains.ca
519-599-3131 ext. 277