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Public Notices

Public Notices that are required by the Municipal Act and Planning Act are posted here.  Public Notices regarding Public Information Centres are also posted below.

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Virtual Public Meetings- How to Watch and Participate Online

To continue Town operations, virtual public meetings have been scheduled for various land use planning applications that have been submitted to the Town. The virtual public meetings will provide a formal opportunity for residents to share feedback regarding the respective projects. Information shared at the meeting from residents will help inform Council in their decision-making process.

To learn about upcoming public meetings, please visit: https://www.thebluemountains.ca/public-notices.cfm

How to Watch a Public Meeting Online

All Virtual Public Meetings are live-streamed to the Town website. The meeting live streams can be accessed by visiting: https://www.thebluemountains.ca/council-meeting-live-stream.cfm. There is no need to register in advance to watch the live stream.

In addition, all Council and Committee of the Whole live stream recordings are archived and posted to the Town website. To view upcoming agendas, staff reports, meeting material or to view the archived recording, please visit: https://www.thebluemountains.ca/agendas-minutes-reports.cfm

How to Participate in a Public Meeting

If you would like to participate in a Virtual Public Meeting, members of the public are encouraged to provide their comments or questions in writing using email or regular letter mail to the Town Clerk in advance of the Public Meeting. Written comments received in advance will be circulated to Council in advance of the Public Meeting and will be read by the Town Clerk at the Public Meeting.

Any member of the public wishing to speak at a Virtual Public Meeting is encouraged to pre-register early, and no later than one business day in advance of the Meeting. To pre-register, please contact the Town Clerk at the information below.

Written comments may be sent to the Town Clerk, Corrina Giles:

By Mail or in Person:

32 Mill St. Box 310,

Thornbury ON, N0H 2P0

Fax: (519) 599-7723

Email: townclerk@thebluemountains.ca

Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
February 16, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

Notice of Information Centre - Internet Service Providers

The Rural Access to Broadband Internet Technology (RABIT) Task Force is hosting a virtual Public Information Centre for Internet Service Providers on February 16, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

Council of the Town of The Blue Mountains created the Rural Access to Broadband Internet Technology (“RABIT”) Task Force to review and explore “matters related to the development, implementation and progress monitoring of sustainable solutions for Rural Access Broadband Internet in the Town of The Blue Mountains”.

To this purpose, Council has approved a Task Force-led Public Information Centre wherein competent and qualified Internet Service Providers can attend virtually to introduce their respective capabilities. The goal of this meeting is for the Town to be introduced to Internet Service Providers and understand the opportunities that currently exist, opportunities that may be available in the future, and to help inform the members of the task force, Council, staff, and members of the public. Internet Service Providers will be asked to provide suggestions to the RABIT Task Force on how to promote provision of broadband internet services to all the underserved areas within the Town. Ideally, this introductory session initiates a process that results in our rural areas being provided with affordable and reliable internet in the near future.

An overview of the meeting format was provided to Council at the January 11, 2021 meeting through a Task Force Report which is linked here: https://pub-bluemountains.escribemeetings.com/FileStream.ashx?DocumentId=1334

Format for Public Engagement Session

Public Information Centres are currently being held virtually due to COVID-19.

The Public Information Centre will be moderated by the RABIT Task Force Chair and will include:

  • Brief RABIT Task Force Introduction
  • Community Profile and Mapping
  • Short Presentations by Internet Service Providers

How do I get involved as a member of the public?

For members of the public who are interested, the Public Information Centre will be livestreamed and recorded.

Watch Public Information Centre live online: https://www.thebluemountains.ca/council-meeting-live-stream.cfm

At this time, the Public Information Centre is being limited to participation and comments by Internet Service Providers and Members of Council. The Town is hoping to understand the capabilities of the various Providers and then provide additional information to members of the public in a subsequent publicly held RABIT Task Force meeting.

Additional information regarding the public RABIT Task Force meeting that will be held following the Public Information Centre will be released when available.

For additional information, please contact:

519-599-3131 ext. 234

Posted: Monday, January 25, 2021
NOTICE - Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Notice of Decision

On January 11, 2021 Council for the Town of The Blue Mountains considered Staff Report PDS.21.011.  As a result, Council has adopted two new Community Improvement Plans (CIPs).  The Notice of Decision, CIP documents, and relevant bylaws are provided below:

After both CIP’s are in full force and effect, Town staff will provide a follow-up report to Town Council in the future regarding administration of the plan and recommended funding for 2021 CIP programs.

Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2021
Session rescheduled to February 10, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Notice of Committee-Led, Virtual Public Engagement Session

The Community Communications Advisory Committee is hosting a virtual Public Engagement Session to discuss highlights of the Corporate Communications Survey Results and to provide an update on the development of the Communications Strategy.

Insights from the Corporate Communications Survey will assist the Committee and staff in preparing the Communications Strategy for Council’s consideration.

In accordance with the Town’s Notice Policy, POL.COR.07.03 Notice is hereby provided that the Committee is hosting a Public Engagement Session for the purpose of reviewing with the public the results of the Corporate Communications Survey.

FAF.20.182 Corporate Communications Survey Results (note: survey results provided as Attachment 1 of the report).

Why is the Town Creating a Communications Strategy?

The Town is developing a Communications Strategy to foster greater public engagement and improve communications with its residents. The Communications Strategy is being developed by the Town's Communications Division with input from the Community Communications Advisory Committee.

Next Steps in the Communications Strategy Process

The first draft of the Communications Strategy was presented to Council on November 16, 2020. Utilizing the feedback received, the Committee and staff are working to prepare a second draft that will be presented to Council in the first quarter of 2021.

Full details are available on the Agendas, Minutes, Reports webpage.

To Pre-Register/Participate, please contact:

Town of The Blue Mountains
ATTN: Executive Assistant Committees of Council
32 Mill Street, PO Box 310
Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0
519-599-3131 ext. 306

**NOTE: deadline to submit comments or request to participate is end-of-day Friday, February 5, 2021


Questions? Please contact:

Communications Division
519-599-3131 ext. 282

Posted: Monday, January 4, 2021
January 27, 2021 at 9:00 am

Public Notice

Shared Tower Corporation is proposing to construct a new telecommunication tower on the subject lands. The proposed tower is planned to be 65m in height and is proposed to be a self-support lattice-style tower. A pre-fabricated galvanized steel equipment cabinet is also proposed to be located at the base of the Tower.

Please note that the establishment of new telecommunication facilities is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal Government. Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada is the approval authority for telecommunication towers and requires all proponents of new facilities to consult local planning authorities to ensure local protocols and surroundings are considered during the mandated site selection process. The Town of The Blue Mountains Municipal Telecommunication Protocol requires public consultation for any proposal for new telecommunication facilities.

Posted: Monday, January 4, 2021
February 8, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Public Notice

The Town is recommending a number of revisions to the powers and duties that have been delegated to Town staff by Council as outlined in Policy POL.COR.07.04. These delegated authorities allow Town staff to perform specific duties and authorize specific activities to take place within the Town without requiring Council approval of each action.     

The Town is also recommending the addition of a delegated authority for the Director of Legal Services to approve requests for relief from the Town’s Noise By-law. 

A list of the proposed revisions to the Town’s current delegation of powers and duties is available as an attachment to Staff Report FAF.20.188 Revisions to Council Delegation of Powers and Duties Follow Up.

To help limit the spread of COVID-19, this Public Meeting will be held in a virtual (online) format. You are encouraged to provide your comments or questions in writing using email or regular letter mail to the Town Clerk in advance of the Public Meeting.

Written comments will be circulated to Council. Comments received at least one (1) business day in advance of the Public Meeting (by Friday February 5, 2021 by 1:00 p.m.) will be read by the Town Clerk at the Public Meeting.

Anyone wishing to speak on this matter at the Public Meeting is encouraged to pre-register early, and no later than five (5) business days in advance of the Meeting (by Monday February 1, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.). For those without a computer, a dial-in phone number is available.

Contact the Town Clerk to pre-register or to submit comments.  Comments may also be submitted by calling the Town Clerk at 519-599-3131 extension 232 or via Fax: 519-599-7723.

Comments can also be mailed to: Town Clerk, Town Hall, 32 Mill St. Box 310, Thornbury ON, N0H 2P0

Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2020
January 28, 2021 from 5-7 p.m.

Notice of Public Information Centre (Virtual)

The Town has identified water pressure and fire flow concerns in Pressure Zone 4C which is in the area known locally as Tyrolean Village.  A large portion of the watermain in this area is at the end of its useful life and requires replacement. The works will include the following:    

  • Replacement of approximately 470m of Watermain on Craigmore Crescent and Tyrolean Lane including Water Services to Property Line;
  • Removal of the existing Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) on Craigmore Crescent at County Road 19 and the addition of 2 new PRV’s, one located on Birch View Trail between Arlberg Crescent and Brooker Boulevard and the other located on Tyrolean Lane east of Craigmore Crescent;
  • Extension of the existing Watermain on Craigmore Crescent to loop the existing Watermain to Settler’s Way (approx. 80m);
  • Installation of approximately 70m of new Watermain on Birch View Trail from Arlberg Crescent to Brooker Boulevard;
  • Restoration of Disturbed Areas.

The Town intends to proceed with this construction project in the summer of 2021.

For more information on the project please visit the Towns website at:   
A Virtual Public Open House is being held to gather input from stakeholders. All those interested in the project are invited to attend the Virtual Public Open House on Thursday January 28 2021 from 5-7 pm.

To register for this event and/or for additional information please contact:

Town of The Blue Mountains, Operations Department
Phone: (519) 519-3131 Ext. 277

Posted: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Construction work to provide sanitary servicing to the Thornbury Village Cidery will begin January 11, 2021

Notice of Construction Activity   

RE: Thornbury Village Cidery Sanitary Service Installation                                                                           

This is to advise residents of upcoming construction work to provide sanitary servicing to the Thornbury Village Cidery. Construction will start on January 11, 2021 and is expected to be completed by February 12, 2021.

Residents are advised that normal construction activity will be occurring on the site, including but not limited to construction equipment, dump trucks, and site crews. Noise from construction activities will be in accordance with the Town Noise By-law 2002-9.

Should there be planned service interruptions to nearby properties, advance and detailed notice will be provided. In addition, in the event that road or lane closures are require, notice will also be provided. The sewer construction will temporarily interfere with the use of the Georgian Trail where it crosses through the public park area near McAuley and Huron Streets. For this stretch of trail, the contractor will place Construction Ahead signs along the trail east and west of the work area.

The trail will remain open at all times and a dedicated flag person will be on site during construction to safely escort trail users past the construction area. At the end of each workday, the contractor will reinstate any portion of disturbed trail area for after hours use.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation for any inconvenience that the temporary construction activities or service interruptions may result in.

For more information, please visit the Development Project page on the Town website: thebluemountains.ca/thornbury-cidery


Clerk's Office
519-599-3131 x232

Planning Services
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