Mooring & Slips

Due to the large demand for mooring slips at the Thornbury Harbour, seasonal mooring space is limited. For inquiries regarding the availability of seasonal mooring, please contact Harbour Staff.

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1. Mooring Fees and Map
2. Existing Harbour Customers
3. Waiting List

Mooring Fees and Map

The Thornbury Harbour offers both transient and seasonal mooring rates. 2023 season rates are currently shown. All prices are subject to the addition of HST or applicable taxes.

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Length of Stay Mooring Rate Hydro Rate
Per Night $2.08 per foot $8.70 per outlet
Per Week $10.04 per foot $32.45 per outlet
Per Month $22.20 per foot $64.68 per outlet
Full Season $73.00 per foot $200.00 per outlet

Existing Harbour Customers

Waiting List

All slips at the Thornbury Harbour are full. There is currently a waiting list for each size category. Estimated wait times can be found in the Estimated Wait Times section below.

To be added to the waiting list, you must complete a Waiting List Application. For more information and to obtain an application, please contact Harbour Staff.