Emergency Preparedness

The Blue Mountains Fire Department is responsible for implementing emergency preparedness strategies and ensuring that businesses, residents, and visitors of The Blue Mountains have the necessary information to ensure personal preparedness prior to and during an emergency.

On this page:
1. Be Prepared
2. Thunderstorms and Floods
3. Winter Storms
4. Extreme Heat
5. Additional Resources

Be Prepared

Your best protection against in the event of an emergency is being prepared in advance. You can do this by completing three simple steps: Make a plan, prepare an emergency kit and stay informed.

Visit the Province of Ontario's website for more information on preparing for an emergency.


Thunderstorms and Floods

As climate change continues to have an impact on the world, the severity and likelihood of sever thunderstorms and flooding has increased as well.

Winter Storms

The region of South Georgian Bay is extremely susceptible to severe winter storms. These storms can have a wide range of impacts on residents and visitors. 

Extreme Heat

The frequency, intensity and duration of heat waves are expected to increase with climate change. It's important to know how to protect yourself against heat-related illnesses.