Open Air Burning

The Town does not have an Open Air Burning By-law or require open-air burning permits. 

The Ontario Fire Code states that property owners conducting open-air burning must do so in approved areas. This guideline will provide property owners in The Blue Mountains with the information required to ensure their properties meet the following minimum requirements for recreational open air burning. This will also pertain to the use of appliances used for outdoor burning which do not conform to the Technical Standards and Safety Act.

The Fire Department should be notified prior to the ignition of any outdoor fires which would not be considered a typical backyard campfire. This notification process is to ensure that fire bans are not in place due to poor air quality or extremely dry conditions. To notify the Fire Department, please call 519-599-3131 ext. 102 or email Fire Services.



Smoke, odour, particulates, soot, ash, dust or any other material that is generated by open-air burning and that has drifted onto another property falls under  Public Nuisance By-law, and By-law Enforcement will respond to such concerns on a complaint basis.

If the Fire Department is requested to respond to an “open-air burning” related incident, and the burning is not within the guidelines, user fees in accordance with the Emergency Response Services B.3 may be issued to the property owner. Fees include an apparatus rate of $543.03  per hour and a labour rate of up to $85 per firefighter per hour.  

Please note that the Public Nuisance By-law does not apply to any normal farm practice.