Security Alarm Registrations

Residential and commercial alarm systems within the Town of The Blue Mountains must be registered with the municipality.

The purpose of the Security Alarm Registration is to establish a procedure that reduces false alarm OPP dispatches related to security alarms in the Town of The Blue Mountains. A system of warnings, fees and possible suspension of OPP response, is implemented in the instance of false dispatches.


False Alarm Prevention

  • Ensure everyone on the premises is fully trained on the operation of the system, including cancellation procedures. Never give a key to someone who is not familiar with the system. No ID Code will prompt a police dispatch;
  • Schedule regular service calls with your alarm service provider. Routine maintenance, including checking batteries, can prevent many false alarms;
  • Update your alarm service provider following any household changes, remodelling, pet additions, etc, to ensure they do not affect the alarm system;
  • Make sure your alarm service provider has up-to-date keyholder information and ensure keyholders are willing to attend should police require them;
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked before activating the alarm system;
  • Upon installation, contact the monitoring station and verify the information provided by you to the alarm company representative has been correctly added;
  • Make sure the arming delay is set for a reasonable time period;
  • Keep pets, cobwebs, balloons, curtains, plants, and fans away from motion sensors; and
  • If you are having problems with your system, contact your alarm service provider immediately.  False alarms are a tremendous drain on police resources.


Information collected for the purposes of the Security Alarm By-law shall be governed by the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.