Short Term Accommodation Licensing

Prior to applying for a Short Term Accommodation (STA) Licence, please review all the information on this page. All completed documentation should be submitted by email to Short Term Accommodation Licences Staff.

On this page:
1. Short Term Accommodation Zoning
2. Application Guide
3. Licensing Fees
4. Short Term Accommodation Appeal Process
5. Administrative Monetary Penalties
6. Frequently Asked Questions

Short Term Accommodation Zoning

There are specific areas of the Town that are zoned to allow for licensed STA and Commercial Resort Unit (CRU) use.

Please review the STA Zone Map, which indicates those lands where an STA is listed as a permitted use on a property (any “RR” zone). Once you have confirmed that operating an STA is a permitted use:

  • Review Zoning By-law 2021-59 regarding special provisions for each specific RR zone.
  • Complete the Pre-Screening Application found in the Application Guide on this page and submit it to the STA Licensing Administrator for review.
  • Make payment of $80.00 for the Pre-Screening Application by contacting (519) 599-3131 ext. 326. 

If your property is eligible to apply for a STA Licence, you will receive a Planning Clearance Letter.

Application Guide

Revised: January 15, 2024

Licensing Fees

Please review the following table of fees relating to the STA Licensing Application process. These fees were updated on March 27, 2023, with the passing of the 2023 Town Budget. 

Short Term Accommodation Appeal Process

If an Applicant/Property Owner wishes to appeal any aspect of an issued Short-Term Accommodation License, including any license that has been revoked, refused or suspended, as well as any demerit points issued, the Applicant may appeal that decision, or appeal the imposition of any conditions, to the License Appeal Committee within fifteen (15) days of being notified of the applicable decision. You are required to submit a written request by e-mail, regular mail or hand delivery to the Town Clerk.

  • Upon receipt of a written request for a hearing from an Applicant or Licensee, a hearing will be scheduled. If you are acting as agent for a Licensee, you are required to provide their consent by email or letter together with the written request. The required Appeal Fee to Licensing Appeal Committee must also be provided at the time of the request.
  • Notice of the hearing will be given to the Applicant or Licensee at least twenty (20) days prior to the hearing, and a notice of the hearing will be posted on the Town’s website.
  • The hearing will be held in public at the Town Hall either virtually or in person, and the Licensing Appeal Committee will hear the Applicant or Licensee and every other person who desires to be heard.
  • No decision of the Licensing Appeal Committee is valid unless it is concurred in by the majority of the members of the Licensing Appeal Committee that heard the matter. The decision will be in writing and will set out the reasons for the decision.  

For further information refer to section 10 of By-law 2021-70. You may also contact the STA Licensing Administrator at (519) 599-3131 ext. 326.

Administrative Monetary Penalties

The Town is now issuing Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP) for violations related to Short Term Accommodations/Rentals, and Bed & Breakfasts. Operating without a licence will result in an AMP of $2,500. Advertising without a licence will result in an AMP of $500.

Frequently Asked Questions