STA Licence Application Guide

Revised: June 9, 2022

By-law 2021-70 has been enacted to regulate the Short-Term Accommodation process as well as the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) By-law 2021-71.

Submit application and supporting documents through the Short Term Accommodation Licences Contact Form or through the Town's Online Web Portal.

Step 1: Pre-Screening

Complete and submit the following forms to By-law through the Short Term Accommodation Licences Contact Form.

  1. Pre-Screening Application Form (License Eligibility Inquiry)
  2. Parking Management Plan (not for condos) - View Sample

Step 2: Application

Once the Planning Clearance letter has been received, the following documents must be submitted as a complete package: 

  1. Application
  2. Deed/Transfer
  3. Responsible Person Form
  4. Authorization to Act on behalf of Owner (if applicable)
  5. Renter's Code - View Sample
  6. Floor Plans must include a legend showcasing the following items - View Sample
    • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • EXIT Signs and Emergency Lighting
    • Secondary Means of Egress
    • Main Electrical Shut Off
    • Main Gas Shut Off
  7. Fire Safety Plan - View Sample
  8. Site Plan (include area with dimensions of fire pit for any structure) Must meet the Recreational Open Air Burning Guidelines (not for condos) - View Sample
  9. Parking Management Plan (not for condos) - View Sample
  10. Inspection Report for Fuel Burning Appliances - View Sample
    (Inspection form must include full name of the technician, inspector TSSA #, a checklist of the work performed and all other relevant details such as address, inspection date, etc.)
  11. Insurance Certificate

Please note, that the documents will not be reviewed until the complete package is submitted. Staff will not accept individual documents. Once the documents have been submitted, a $55 Application Submission fee is required for reviewing the documents and providing a response. This fee can be made by cheque payable to the Town of the Blue Mountains, or by credit card by contacting (519) 599-3131 ext. 249. 

Step 3: Fire Safety Plan Review and Inspections

Fire Services will review the fire safety plan and approve or deny it. If denied, they will contact you to advise of the deficiencies. You are required to resubmit a revised fire safety plan which is subject to a review fee of $75 per hour. Once the fire safety plan is approved, Fire Services will schedule a fire inspection of the property. Incomplete paperwork will delay scheduling of the fire safety inspection. Fees and charges will be applied if the fire safety plan and required documents are not complete and are sent back to the applicant for changes because of incomplete or missing information. 

  1. Fire Safety Plan Review (per hour) - $75.00
  2. Fire Safety Inspection - $150.00
  3. Fire Safety Re-inspection - $300.00

Please review the Fire Inspection Checklist and complete a self-audit of the premises. A Fire Department Inspection Video is available to assist you. 

If you have a fire pit on your property, you are required to have it shown on the Site Plan and it will also be inspected by Fire Services. 

Fire Services will attend the property to do the inspection. 

If the property does not pass the inspection, the fire inspector will advise of the deficiencies which need to be rectified and a further reinspection will be required for an additional fee of $300 and any subsequent inspections are $450. 

Step 4: Licence Approval 

If the property passes the fire inspection, the fire inspector will provide a fire inspection report to STA licences at which time, we will require the Application fees and fire inspection fee to be paid. 

Once paid, a license will be issued by the Town of The Blue Mountains. The license, the approved fire safety plan and the fire inspection report will be emailed to the owner and the responsible person, and the original license placard will be available for pick-up at the Town Hall (32 Mill Street, Thornbury, ON). These documents are to be posted at the front entrance of the property.